Advanced London Piano Course

At the end of January I went on this 3-day course run by Penelope Roskell in London.

I had a great time. It was lovely to be in the company of people who share my knowledge and love of the piano repertoire and to see the dedication our tutor had for us all – whether first-timers or repeat-attenders or students of hers.

It was good for me to prepare a few pieces to play on the course, even if the semiquavers in my Mozart rather let me down.

It was good to experience the nerves of playing in front of other people and thus be more able to put myself in the shoes of those pupils who come to me for lessons.

Out of respect for the privacy of the other attendees I will not go into any details of the 3 days, not that there was anything for anyone to be embarrassed about – on the contrary.