Saying goodbye

This term I have said goodbye to two pupils – E for reasons of exams and M who is about to go to Uni – and I wish to pay tribute to them while maintaining their anonymity. With E we worked on songs by the Mumford and sons, Adele and Alicia Keys. E was remarkable for her persistence and good humour. She did not find note-reading and the theoretical aspects as easy as some but she stuck at it and gained enjoyment and achievement. Many times after a lesson I would remark to Rachel what an enjoyable time we’d had. It was a privilege to see her weekly and witness her growing up from an 10-year old to a 15-year old.

M has a wonderfully open mind to all sorts of music and often would share his discoveries with me. His mature tastes and only wanting to play pieces that he really loved led us to spend weeks on pieces that were perhaps a little too difficult and I would try and find similar appealing pieces that were a little easier but they never grabbed him in the same way. I am confident that music will mean a lot to him and that he will enjoy and be knowledgeable about a wide range of styles.

Teaching is not just a conveyor-belt through exams and I feel that with both these pupils we have had a worthwhile journey and I hope I have helped them experience music in a deeper way for the rest of their lives.