Billy Mayerl

We have a light-hearted concert coming up and I have chosen to play Railroad Rhythm by Billy Mayerl. It’s a piece I heard in the car many years ago and thought ‘that sounds fun’. When you announce that you’re going to play some Billy Mayerl, if people have heard of him they assume it’ll be Marigold which (to be fair) is his most famous number.

For a long time Marigold never quite grabbed me or maybe I tried too long to simply sight-read it rather than learn it. Certainly it is unusual to play in fourths as in the opening theme. Now I’ve got to the last page I particularly like his final theme. Interestingly it is a piece which works at a range of tempi.

Here are some links:

Billy Mayerl himself having fun and playing a bit of Marigold a lot faster than usual.

Christopher Duckett plays Marigold

and now Railroad Rhythm played by John Pearce

and finally a link to Susan Tomes site where MP3s can be purchased.