The Chord Sequence I VI II V is everywhere

Excuse the exaggeration – a couple of week ago I came across it so many times I thought it deserved writing-up.

Summer Holiday – in D major – so chords of D, B minor, E minor and A major

Summer HolidayMarigold first theme (from bar 2 of excerpt) –
in E flat major – so chords of E flat, C minor, F major and B flat
Note the slight difference – F major not F minor – and the added notes in some chords and the fact that he does not slavishly repeat the pattern.


Marigold 3rd theme (from bar 3 of excerpt) –
in A flat major  – so chords of A flat, F minor, B flat minor, E flat

Marigold p4

Blue Moon in E flat also – so chords of E flat, C minor, F minor and B flat

Blue Moonand finally Swinging Molly an arrangement of Molly Malone by Gerald Martin –
in F major, so F, D minor, G minor and C (with a lovely flattened 9th)

Swinging Molly