10 favourite anthems

I rarely sing anthems and never in the context of a service, however over the years through singing in concerts I have come to know and love a fair few. Inspired by friend Virginia’s list I thought I’d like to do my own. I couldn’t do it for piano or orchestral pieces – that would be a top 100.

More of less in the order I thought of them not an order of preference

(1) Mozart: Ave verum – masterful simplicity – not a note out of of place

(2) Byrd: Ave verum – as simple as the Mozart, possibly even more moving or just moving in a different way

(3) Bruckner: Locus iste – one of the first anthems I ever sang, whilst at school, qualifies as a first-love

(4) Harris: Faire is the heaven – rehearsed with Choros Amici but never performed (sadly)

(5) Baristow: I sat down under his shadow – lovely words and the music blossoms like an opening flower

(6) Farrant: Lord, for thy tender mercies’ sake – would also feature in a list of ‘Amens’

(7) Finzi: God is gone up – another one from schooldays, just wish I could play the organ part on the right organ

(8) Parry: I was glad – great opening and a great build up over the last page and a bit, I’ve played it twice

(9) Tallis: If ye love me

(10) Stanford: Beati quorum via (just pipping Balfour-Gardiner’s Evening Hymn) – a minor composer maybe, but every line is a pleasure to sing