It’s time to post something, but what have I been working on and what have I discovered recently…..

Rhythmic eveness and precision between the hands are part of what we look for in scales.

Something possessed to to record a scale on my Yamaha Keyboard and play it back slowly. I heard one hand playing before the other and some notes coming too soon (ie. uneven rhythm). Quite alarming.

This passage from the closing section of Gnomenreigen has been troubling me. Up to a certain speed it sounds fine, any faster and the left hand won’t keep time with the right.

Gnomenreigen ext1

Gnomenreigen ext2

Some ideas from my teacher:

One hand dotted the other straight – I’d not met this one before. Initially a challenge but I can do it now.

One octave in crotchets, 2 in quavers and so on up to 5 in quintuplets (I find saying ‘Lonnie Donnegan’ for the 5s works for me)

One hand in quavers, the other in triplets. This wasn’t new to me, but I found myself focussing very hard on sounding together those notes that should be together.

And finally, one I’ve either remembered from somewhere or come up with independentlyextreme rhythm scales

It’s quite a test at first. Then try the hands a 3rd or 6th apart. Sometimes it starts well and suddenly comes to a halt.

Will it help with precision in general and that Liszt in particular? I don’t know, but I hope so.

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