Listening to my playing wrt to Beethoven and Chopin

In my last lesson we worked on Beethoven Sonata in E Op 14 No 1 1st movement. One challenge is getting the right tone and shape to the RH minims while keeping down the accompanying chords on quavers 2 to 4 – sometimes just in LH and at other times in the lower part of the RH too.

Beethoven Op 14 end

The suggestion was that I listened more closely to the end of each note and pre-heard the following note before playing it. Sounds hard. Now I could practise this in the Beethoven and get heartily fed up of it, so I decided to try and apply it other pieces and what came to mind were the Chopin Preludes in Ab and F# majors. The former is quite long and harmonically adventurous to require serious attention so maybe I’ll just work on the first paragraph before it leaves Ab.

Chopin Aflat

The F# major one has so much in it – a veritable study in miniature but not one for ‘showing off’. There’s the sinuous LH with quite a few double-sharps to read, the RH chords to voice and the control of tone and managment of texture throughout

Chopin F#1

Chopin F#2

The tune, that wonderful ‘counter melody’ first in the tenor then the bass and the other gentle supporting quavers.

It’s so hard being a pianist – but so rewarding when/if it starts to work. What a privilege.