Christmas Quiz 2015

For technical reasons this year’s quiz is here.

And here it is as a pdf – Christmas Quiz 2015 pdf version

Putting it together has been frustrating for many reasons.

I wanted to embed extracts of pieces of music. I usually do this via soundcloud which is fine for recordings of my playing, but soundcloud delete uploads of commercial recordings even if they’re only 20 seconds long.

I looked at linking through to spotify, but that was never going to work as I wanted the tracks to play without their titles. My free wordpress blog won’t allow me to embed video, so the idea of a video with audio-only content was a non-starter here.

I then found that blogger allowed uploads of video but not audio files so I joined together my extracts and put a static title over each one.

Next was the discovery that my tablet won’t play such videos – is that because they are .wmv files. So for tablet-use they are uploaded to youtube, but are very blurred because they were designed to play in a smaller area of the screen.

Who know what hurdles next year will bring.