Oboe Pieces

I am familiar with the Oboe in the symphony orchestra especially in the pre-clarinet times of the baroque and early classical orchestras. So when I was asked to play with an oboeist it was no surprise to be playing Albinoni and Cimarosa. Two unexpected pleasures were pieces by Hamilton Harty and Gabriel Grovlez (who coincidentally were almost exact contemporaries).

I knew Harty (1879-1941) as a conductor and arranger/re-orchestrator of Handel’s Water music. His Chansonette is one of a set of pieces dating from 1911.

I first came across Gabriel Grovlez (1879-1944) when one of his collection L’almanach aux images featured in the ABRSM syllabus. Since I’ve been teaching the Sarabande and the Petit Litanies have made an appearance. I haven’t taught either though I have played the latter and la berceuse d’une poupee about which I wrote here.

Here is the Sarabande with its trademark 2nd beat stresses very apparent.


The oboeist played very nicely and I was pleased with how the concert went. What’s not to like.