Music for Everyone runs choirs and instrumental groups for all ages and all abilities in the Nottingham area – primary school singing courses and weekly children’s choirs, daytime choirs, an adult chamber choir, a big chorus of 100+, courses for string players, wind players and the blow-the-dust-off-your-instrument orchestra. We have an inspirational leader, a great team of professionals and a nicer bunch of people you could not hope to meet.

Elissa Milne is an Australian piano teacher and composer of educational music. Her music has something a little bit different about it and is hugely appealing. Her blog is intelligent and thought provoking.

Music Theory – a site for those of you seeking extra explanations or exercises in this fascinating area.

The Lady Organist – the story of a pianist who was asked to played the organ one day and clearly took to it.

Practising the Piano – a site for relatively advanced players with many interesting posts

Sinfini Music is full of information about the world of classical music – “Cutting through classical” they say.